w00t official selection

My Words Exactly has been officially selected for showcasing at w00t festival.

What is this?

My Words Exactly is a hectic and fast-paced word association game, that forces its players to think in alternative ways.

In the game the players must hint the Guesser towards the secret word while both avoiding and predicting the most common references and associations among the players.

It is a frantic game with zero downtime and easy-to-learn rules. The noisy bell at the center of the game is sure to bring turmoil and attention to the table!

Who made this?

We are five students from the Games Tracks at the IT-university in Copenhagen. Four danes and a frenchman. Four guys and a girl. Yeah, it sounds like a lame sitcom.

Though we have a shared interest in games, we come from different backgrounds such as music production, programming, graphic design, communication and France.

Our team has been formed through a game design project at the ITU, in which My Words Exactly, was developed.

Look at this prototype!

My Words Exactly has not yet been published, so all you can do for now, is to look at this prototype.

Where can I buy it?
Well, we just told you that the game has not been published yet, so you can’t. Yet.

Okay, so when will you publish it?
We do not have a date yet, but if you want the latest news, then sign up for our newsletter and like us on facebook!

Learning in a playful environment?

My Words Exactly is a word association game, that forces its players to challenge their vocabulary. We are running tests with high school level students and it turns out that the game serves well as a language learning game.

The feedback from students and teachers has been overwhelmingly positive, so we will further continue to explore the possibilities for My Words Exactly being a tool in a language learning context.


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