Night time drinking and daytime thinking

It’s been around for as long as life has. Cheetahs have been known to chew on hallucinogenic plants and climb trees. My father knew a man who would ride his horse to the bar and grab some drinks to go. While he was waiting, they would fill up an ashtray with beer and put it out for the horse. Who would stumble back home with the cowboy just as drunk on his back. Everything that walks or crawls does somethings, drinks something. Eats, smokes or snorts something to feel better than they do before they did it. Why is that? What is it about all living life that we need something to alter our train of thought or to block out thought altogether? Because we are all insane. There is no absolute truth in life but one. You are going to die, and that is scary as hell. Everything else in life comes and goes. Women and men, kids and animals, money and happiness. It all gives way to time. Damn, that sounds downright sad and nihilistic. I think I need a drink or seven. Maybe put on some good tunes and let it all fade away… That’s how easy it is.
Life ain’t easy. This is coming from a twenty-something white guy who’s never been married, doesn’t have kids and has never been in a life or death struggle to keep breathing. I don’t pay a mortgage and have an incredibly small amount of student loan debt that I keep around to build credit. Life is still hard in so many ways. Everyone struggles in their own ways. Drinks or other substances help people if only for a moment, feel something they are missing or keep quiet those things they no longer want to hear, feel or see. Now that the obvious has been established, what in the hell am I talking about? Think about any given time you had more than a few drinks for whatever occasion. You felt like a champion, you felt at peace or worse you felt your guts being ripped out because of life’s sorrows. The next day you probably felt like something run over and left on the side of the road. Sour stomach and sore head you thought about what you could remember from the night before. As the day drew on you didn’t feel much better but sure as night and day with the passage of time you felt better and probably went out and did it again and again. Each time saying you’d climb the Himalayas, kiss the pretty girl or boy you didn’t have the guts to sober or finally stand up to your boss and quit that horrible job. But you never did most of it. Some you might, most you won’t. That drink sure made you feel like you would. So much so, you keep thinking it won’t be long till you won’t need it and will finally go through with it all. You probably won’t.
You’re going to get fed up and drunk one night. You’re going to make outrageous plans and promises. Do it! Follow through. Find out if it’s just words that bubble to a drunken surface or if your subconscious is trying to tell you something. In the cold light of day you’re going to be nauseous and hurt but do it anyway. We all need something to help us feel better or to get through our day. That’s just being human. If it becomes your obsession and you can’t function without it. You’ve traded one hell for another, and you can’t escape what you’re trying to do to make yourself feel better. Okay, philosophy aside and all the other babble. Night time drinking leads to daytime thinking which leads to a lifetime of living. How you choose to live is entirely up to you. Do the best you can but do it! And do it for you, because of you, in spite of you.


Always do sober what you said you’d do drunk. That’ll teach you to keep your mouth shut.

– Ernest Hemmingway

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