You’ll never be any good at anything

In his book, On War, Clausewitz says, ” the average person has neither the skill nor the ability to understand the art of war fully.” Replace the word war with life and that sentence would be true even more so. We are not competent or capable in our personal or professional lives. We are neither genuinely loving spouses nor are we gifted and inspiring parents. We are not skilled workers or capable inventors. We are genuinely terrible at everything we do.

I do not claim to be some gifted guru nor do I claim to have near omnipotent intelligence. I only share my experiences and observations. We are addicted, as of late, to obsessing about the 1%. Those ridiculously wealthy who seem to live the filthy rich and opulent lifestyle we seem to think we all desperately need. So what should we do? Why don’t we take it from them? They don’t need that much. We deserve it more. We should be able to live that life because we’re better and more deserving than they are. We will share our wealth and still live as good as they do, if not better. Those are the words of bloody revolution, and those types of revolutions never make things better. They are made with blood and end with the blood of those started. On top of it all, once the dust settles, we will still never be good at anything.

Nietzsche once famously wrote, “He who has a why to live can bear almost any how.” That is what we are lacking that keeps us from being truly exceptional. Genuine desire is what we require all too often. It is not that we can’t be gifted in all the areas I mentioned. It is merely that we do not have a real desire. Ability comes from desire, which leads to the ability which finally leads to accomplishment. We could all be ridiculously wealthy and gifted in every sense of the word if we were to commit to becoming so. If we truly want something and we fix our minds to it and no matter what we don’t stop and we don’t deviate. Nothing is from our grasp. However, we get tired, we get bored, the distance is too great, the demands are too many, and it will take too long. All of those we choose to believe and our thoughts keep us from achieving our dreams. Think of a mountain they said couldn’t be climbed, a record that couldn’t be broken or an impossible task that was beyond human grasp and someone had achieved it in some way or another. Remember, you will never be good at anything unless you truly desire to be and commit yourself entirely and without reservation. Burn your ship when you reach that distant shore, so there is no way back, only forward.


When one has not had a good father, one must create one.

– Friedrich Nietzsche

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