His thoughts exactly

After my first couple of weeks plugging away, I am glad to say I have received my first review of my site and writings so far. The author, who was trying to be satirical, I believe, shares his views on my opinions as he sees them.

A Review of My Thoughts Exactly! Self-styled “writer” Seth Bush does what every lost millennial tries to do: pen something poignant enough to give meaning to a meaningless existence. In each of his posts, Bush peppers his pessimistic posts with a strange and unexpected mix of nihilism and hope. Clearly yearning for the idealism of “the good old days,” Bush complains incessantly about how American society has lost its way and its sense of meaning. American men, especially, have failed to live up to a proper and healthy interpretation of masculinity, the kind for which we are desperately thirsty. At present, our culture is meaningless. The only salvation is a re-evaluation and re-adaptation of past principles. Our culture, in Bush’s view, has thrown the baby out with the bath water. True, there were issues with America back when it was great, but toppling the whole system has led us to emptiness. Further criticism for Bush’s work can be found in his incessant quotations in classical and popular works. It stinks of a desire to be viewed as both relevant and educated. He forgets that Marley is cliché, Nietzsche is depressing, and Clausewitz is a hack. (By the way, Mr. Bush, if you want a better understanding of war, read John Keegan or Victor Davis Hanson.) Finally, why is Bush’s blog title different from his URL? This faux pas ranges anywhere from confusing, to false advertising, to fake news. In sum, My Thoughts Exactly! Fails to provide any poignancy as intended.

As a self-styled writer, I’m treating that as my first dollar. I’m going to frame it and put it on my wall. Thanks, Matt I really appreciate it. I wish you’d written that on my comments section. I would’ve gladly put that up. In truth, I admit wholeheartedly to my cliché quotations. I wanted it to be something recognizable for the average reader. I also admit to my nostalgic attitude. I don’t think society needs to be reinvented. I think most every idea has been tried. I think we need to apply what worked, accepted people for how we are and stop forcing societal norms that cause the problems in the first place. I think we force unrealistic interpretations on each other and only by allowing people to be, within reason, can we achieve any level of healthy equilibrium in society. I honestly don’t believe in the good old days. Between disease and discrimination, we are living in the greatest time in human history. Society has never been, and people have never had as much access to food, healthcare, knowledge and the ability to express themselves. We are having a crisis on conscience, that nearly every generation has. The lost generation of the 1920s following World War I. Now that the cold war is over we have no great endeavor or ideological enemy to channel our collective conscious. However, I believe if we cherry pick specific ideas and stances from the past and accept human being for being human beings regardless of sexuality, substance use, and terrible life choices, we can move forward as a species. Thanks for the input. Hope you keep reading and keep commenting. By the way, all writers are self-styled writers, otherwise, we’d just call them commentors.


If you have learned how to disagree without being disagreeable, then you have discovered the secrete of getting along – whether it be business, family relations, or life itself.

– Bernard Meltzer

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