Bloody hands and creased brows

Bloodied hands and creased brows
What fickle creatures are we. What does that mean? As I have said before we human beings are an oxymoron. We are yin and yang. Good and Bad and all of the clichés rolled into one. We do not make a lick of sense in any manner. What makes us this way? Maybe it’s our biology. I highly doubt that. Survival instincts exist for a reason and provide, that was once necessary, still, linger in our thoughts and actions. We fight and struggle, we become addicts and murderers. We spend days and years praying and working. Just as we spend our nights in alleys with needles in our arms and in cheap hotels buying our love by the half hour. That’s what we try to do, make sense of it all. Find meaning, chase the pleasure and run from the pain.

You are arguing with someone. Maybe a stranger or perhaps someone close to you. Try as you might, you can’t get them to see things from your point of view. You absolutely know you’re right and they’re wrong. They believe the same things. They start to throw facts and figures. You don’t care. You’re justified in your beliefs. You can feel anger growing in you. Your brow becomes creased with rage. You both are talking louder and louder. Your fists clench tighter and tighter until they go numb. Then you can’t contain it any longer, and you hit them. Over and over until they collapse onto the floor and you keep beating them until you out of sheer exhaustion you stagger back to catch your breath. Between their tears, they admit you were right and apologize. Your hands ache, and you look down to see them covered in blood. You’re shocked and sickened by the sight and think to yourself. Why did they make me do it?

Convinced in our righteousness, we are quick to do those things that appall us. Because if we do those things to our mortal enemies, we are correct in doing it as we make the world a better place. No Catholic, Jew, Muslim, Buddhist, Pagan or Atheist is clear from having thought or done this. Neither is any capitalist, communist, socialist or anarchist. The most dangerous thing in the world is a self-righteous person. They permitted anything for their just cause. In silencing the other side without debate or discussion and utterly refusing their viewpoints because they make us feel uncomfortable, we escalate to a bloody conclusion proving neither right and both wrong. Might does not make right, and neither does a belief that one side is better than the other or that they hold the higher moral ground. Black and white are just crayons. The world is covered in tangerine.

Here’s the smell of blood still. All perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten this little hand.

– Lady Macbeth
Act V, Scene I

1 thought on “Bloody hands and creased brows”

  1. So has military action become the bloody fists of a self righteous nation. Or the paranoid pandering of strategic planners.


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