Clean politics and dirty living

We always wanna think the opposite. Politics is a dirty business, and I’m always gonna try clean living tomorrow. When we always know that tomorrow never really comes, and politics is about the only thing we can all seem to a have a firm, clear view on, that it’s a dirty business. We also shoot for one and never expect the other all the while thinking, hoping or painfully believing it will come true in the end. It doesn’t.


Much like religion, politics is always polarizing. Right or wrong doesn’t really matter so long as you feel right about what is being said and your outrage is justified, or your wrongs are righted. Regardless of the cost to the other side because they are wrong and you are right. Comity, getting along with the other side, is something we have utterly thrown out the window at this time in our history. It isn’t the first time, and it won’t be the last so long as our country exists.


Americans are getting fat, taking fistfuls of pills and killing ourselves in record number. Our health has been a decline for a few years now and doesn’t seem like it’s going to recover any time soon. Some would say we are in a downward spiral with the lights dimming and the end closing in. Since the concept of a united Germany, France, Great Britain, Russia, Poland, and China has existed for well over a thousand years, I think it’s safe to say America will be around for a long while yet. However, if we continue to let our bodies and minds slip into despair and gluttony, we will go to a place that will be hard to come back as a nation and a people.


My father keeps a garden at home year round. Hot summers and cold winters he keeps a watchful eye on it. Sometimes he changes its spot in the yard, and he turns his crop from time to time, but he always keeps one. When I go home, he has me hop on his golf cart as he drives around the neighborhood and always ends it with stopping by his garden. We’ll sit and talk as we stare at his sprinklers watering everything. Dad likes growing some of his own food, and he loves having something to occupy his mind after a long day. I like it too but for different reasons. Sitting and watching the passage of time as the plants grow or as they die reminds me how finite time and life are. It also reminds me that the more things change, the more they remain the same. Politicians and political parties come and go, but life goes on with or without them. It’s far better to draw a line between politics and living and retreat from one or the other every now and then. Otherwise, we’re just living to be pissed off and miss all the fun of life.


Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.

– Buddha



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