When the man comes around

We all want to be that cool badass John Wick kind of guy. Minus the dead dog and the dead wife. This idea has always floated around the psyche, hasn’t it? A well dressed, slow talking, gun fu killer with a cool ride. What more could we want than to be cool? From ancient Rome to modern day New York, Miami or Los Angeles we’re sold the same idea and told to find the same thing fascinating. Nothing matters so long as your stylish, fashionable and do what others see as desirable. Wealth, fashion and a perfect body are all you need to be the apple of the worlds eye and achieve perfect happiness. So they say.


What is right? What is just? What is cool? You might not think these three questions have anything in common but they are linked at the core of human existence. Society tends to forgive celebrities for making the wrong decisions and skew the scales of justice. We are quick to overlook their wrong doing because they are stylish and enticing to the eyes, ears and imagination. This means that we do not truly value that which is just or right in our culture so long as those who abide by neither are important to us culturally.


Senator Cory Booker is the junior Senator from New Jersey. He’s a member of the Democratic party and sits on multiple committees to include the committee on foreign relations, which he is the ranking member and the senate judiciary committee. He is a poster boy for the progressive side of the Democratic party and has a wide following with the youth wing of the party. He is known to be a tough examiner when someone comes before his committee as well as a critic of both parties on key issues. Despite his seemingly bipartisan ways, his position and his popularity enabled him to do something illegal and unethical and avoid any form of punishment. During the very beginning of the Kavanaugh Supreme Court confirmation hearing he knowingly released classified documents. Believing they would sway public opinion in favor of his belief that Kavanaugh should not have been confirmed as a Justice of the Supreme Court. All the while Senator Booker proudly proclaimed that to be his Spartacus moment.


A well-rested, well fed, highly paid and elegantly dressed Senator has no right to compare himself to an enslaved person who had fight for the entertainment of others and the right to simply exist. Spartacus fought against tyranny and oppression with a sword and a shield as he led the abused and broken against their oppressors in open combat. Senator Booker made an unequal comparison to further his goals and to gain twitter followers. Spartacus was crucified with his followers in front of the gates of Rome for daring to question their authority. Senator Booker was hailed as a hero for releasing documents that could have had potentially damaging government secrets and gladly admitting to it. Thus setting a precedent of releasing our nations secrets for political gains and grandstanding.


John Wick, despite his nice suit, fast car and awe inspiring fighting and shooting skills is a killer. He is alone in the world driven only by vengeance. He has nothing lasting or meaningful. He built his life around being a stone cold killer. Something he found out too late he didn’t want to be. When he finally decided he wanted something else for his life, he couldn’t escape his past decisions. This has become the endless cycle of politics and celebrity that we cannot seem to escape today. No party, no group of people or any ideology is without blame or can claim to truly dominate any form of moral high ground. If we continue to live our lives this way, totally dominated by the thrill to impress and dominate, our republic and our lives will come crashing down into a world of Kardashian rage. What will we do from here or will we keep spiraling?


Where justice is denied, where poverty is enforced, where ignorance prevails, and where any one class is made to feel that society is an organized conspiracy to oppress, rob and degrade them, neither persons nor property will be safe.

– Frederick Douglas



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