Charles Bukowski, Dr. Hunter S. Thompson and a case of beer

Everyone has played some type of a what if game. What if America was never discovered? What if Hitler was never born? What if broccoli tasted like cocaine? So on and so on. These can go to if you were trapped on a desert Island who would you bring with you. But for today’s discussion if you could bring back anyone from history to have dinner with, who would you choose? For me it would be two men. Dr. Thompson and Hank Bukowski. Why? Because if there were any two men who knew what it was to be the true outsider. The person who was always singled out from the group and belittled just for being themselves it would be them. In the age of Facebook, Twitter and SnapChat these men would have never known peace for their lifestyle choices. Independent and all too insane by any measure of the imagination. Both drunks but one for sure a drug addict. In the end they were both addicted to their own brand of living. Like the dinosaurs must have been, these men we’re creatures not long for this world nor were they intended to have a long shelf life.

Endangered species or shameless poachers. Either title seems fair. In today’s double speak and endless virtue signalling, they would have been both I’m sure. Many people would say that these men were deeply flawed and perpetually damaged. Those arguments aren’t really arguments as much as admitted truths for both of them. Despite all of this I truly believe they were brave men in their own right. Bravery is too easily translated as charging hills, jumping from planes or standing up to insurmountable odds. What about the bravery to stand alone. Completely alone. Against everyone. This was the bravery the chose in their own drug and alcohol infused way. Freak Power is what Hunter S. Thompson called his anti-establishment movement. Tearing up roads and building giant double thumbed and clenched fist statues were among his platform. Charles Bukowski was happy enough just to be free of people all together. His wasn’t an anti hero. He was simply anti anything that had to do with people. Both men just wanted the world to stop being what it was. So full of anti freaks.

It’d be easy to mark them both off as a couple of nut jobs who we’re either tripping, drunk or against their best intentions, hung over and sobering up. The fact would still have to remain that they were both highly influential writers and zeitgeists. One was abused by his father, the other grew up without knowing his father and both spent their lives ridiculed and hurt by society. Now all of this might sound melodramatic but in reality it was more. While we want the world to be filled with bright eyed and incorruptible super men who have no vices or infidelity’s, they both embodied one of the truest forms of what humanity really is. Pure insanity. Instead of being hypocrites they were simply themselves as best they knew how. In that they didn’t know how and regularly admitted they were making it up as they went along. They asked fir no forgiveness, offered none and tried to convert even less. They simply were. That makes them the closest thing to human any of us can ever expect to be.

There he goes. One of God’s own prototypes. A high-powered mutant of some kind never even considered for mass production. Too weird to live, and too rare to die.

– Hunter S. Thompson

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