Leading, following or living life

Better to reign in Hell then to serve in heaven the old saying goes. Is it true? The answer has to depend on the person and for me, I’d rather be a leader than a follower. Why? Freedom. People say the Presidents and Princes aren’t really free. They have no anonymity or privacy. To a degree this could be true. They also never no hunger, the extremes of nature, they sleep in warm beds, wear the nicest clothes and their every desire is waited upon by a staff member. They might not be able to hop in the care and pop by 5 guys for a burger but they can have their chefs make them one out of Kobe beef at a moment’s notice at 2 A.M.  The devil himself might be damned to hell but he is far from tortured.

                While you eat they toil, while you sleep they scurry and see to your needs tomorrow. You never have to rush or overly endure those hardships of life. The Pharaohs of Egypt would cover their slaves who fanned them in honey. So the flies would flock to them and avoid the Pharaoh. Caligula held massive orgies where he slept with the wives of his courtiers. Henry VIII gorged himself on life’s delicacy while his wives were executed. Truly it’s good to be king. To be freed from life’s struggles and cruelties while you dine on the finer things and are denied affection by no one. Privacy and anonymity be damned when you can have it all.

To want for not is what every rich and powerful demagogue and democratically elected leader has always wanted. From the Presidents of France and their honored mistresses to British Prime Minister who ate heartily, bathed twice a day and smoked Cuban cigars during years of war rationing. Rank has always had its privileges. However, they must also sacrifice to gain. Their personal lives, their personalities, their freedom of movement and their freedom of speech all are at the whim of the masses and the kingmakers to maintain their positions. At the altar of power, all must be sacrificed and at regular intervals.

                Alexander the Great was a God amongst men. He conquered four fifths of the known world, amassed great treasuries, defeated every enemy before him, founded towns in his name and gathered a harem of women that traveled with him on campaign. What more could a man wan? Sure he was dead by 32 but was their really anything left to do or live for? Was it really Alexander who did this or his soldiers that fought and died for him? History does not remember the soldiers only the leaders who used them to make themselves great.

                So tell me now honestly do you not see the truth?  Equality is a madman’s dream. Better to the devil on top then the saint on the bottom. While politicians talk of equality they live in their gated communities, wear their tailored clothes and eat luxurious meals. They know the truth of it all. Whatever it takes to make it to the top is all that matters. You can lie to yourself all you want but at the end of the day we’re all the same. Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. Admit it and enjoy your ride on the merry go round when and if your time comes. Just remember if you have to choose it’s better to be the Devil in Hell then just another Angel in Heaven.

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