Cool air, short runs and detailed plans

I have never once in my entire life enjoyed running. Not even as a child play with my cousins in the smothering heat of the sunshine state. Every fiber of my being aches. My heart pounds in my chest like it’s trying to escape, my legs are tense as the flesh is stretch across my shins by the muscles. Worse still, I cannot comfortably breathe. Somehow this Spanish inquisition marathon is supposed to be good for your health. I’d be more likely to believe a hammer to your private parts promotes good blood flow, but I’m no doctor. In those thirty minute sessions of questioning my life choices that have led my to such agony, I find myself inclined to plan and scheme. Sometimes much like Pinky and the Brain. More often than no, I am lost in a world of my own creation where money is limitless and the good times never end.

We all find ourselves in situations we don’t want to be in and throughout the day we engage in tasks both mindless and tedious we wish we didn’t have to. I know I am not alone in my intense desire for escape. As much as I wish I could join so many others in indulging in stress relieving substances like the vast majority of the human race, my need for employment outweighs it. That and the fact that I enjoy good health and would like it to stay that way for the vast majority of my life. I cannot fault anyone for this. We are hurled into an existence we have no real comprehension of and raised by those who are more terrified because they can grasp the concept of their own mortality . Now, there is a strong possibility that the lack of oxygen is making me hysterical at this point but I’d rather go down the rabbit hole then run away from it.

As I near my third mile I have convinced myself that the easiest and quickest rout to my fortune is to sell arms to the US government as a third party contractor. I’ll emulate Jonah Hill in war dogs, only I won’t do cocaine and I won’t get greedy. By the time the app beeps on my phone letting me know I’ve finally finished my run, I have all but finalized my plan to take out a loan to began purchasing small arms and wondering how much freight and shipping will cost. I’ll make sure to invest my profits in real estate and bit coin so I can move away from arms dealing before I make enemies. My breath is returning to me now and I am pulling myself back from what surely must be a fever dream. Soon I realize I have never the desire nor the business acumen to pull off such a complicated and in the end, possibly illegal task. My fortune must be made somewhere else.

We all come up with some truly outlandish and complicated daydreams from time to time. In a world that never stops spinning and all the while it never makes sense, is bound to send us into a dream, where at least we can make sense of it all. While I wish more often than not I could give up running. I am so very glad I will never be able to give up daydreaming. I only hope through all this aggravation, I might make a few true, and a few more story worthy.

Everything starts as somebody’s daydream.

Larry Niven

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