The tyranny of democracy and bureaucracy, the decisions we all didn’t make

                How much money do you pay in taxes? Not an easy question to answer. How much did you pay to maintain your roads this year? Didn’t you want to put money into money studying the mating habits of albino bats in the Amazon rainforest? If you can answer more than one of these questions then you are far more informed then the vast majority of people in America. Regardless of what your answer is, you had no say in any of it, well not really. Because in a Democrat Republic we elect leaders to do the voting, and too often, the thinking for us. It works for everybody, or so they say. We elect them, they’re responsible to us, they vote on, decide for and represent our views in all matter big or small, foreign and domestic. Except it never comes out that way. Very rarely if ever, do Senators, Congressmen, Presidents or Governors consult us. They often make decisions on our behalf that give away resources or topics that their constituents have anything to do with or care to get involved in. All in a very democratic way, that is, what does the party want?

                Until it became a news headline that the President was cutting the funding the U.S. gives over $400 million dollars annually to the World Health Organization. We also give around $50 Billion in foreign aid. Well that our governments admits to or tells us about. Not to mention another $10 Billion we give to the UN for their funding and another $6 Billion to NATO. As I said earlier there are still countless billions we know nothing about that our elected officials and the entrenched bureaucrats give away. To organizations, projects and charities that do not meet their obligations or accomplish the purpose they are funded for. The WHO is no exception. In the latest pandemic of COVID-19 it was slow to spread information or react and often echoed the official line of the Chinese government. It would appear that the organization is more in tune to being another mouthpiece or state sponsored propaganda organ. More often than not, the WHO has done little to aid world health, at least not in a timely manner.

                Our country was intentionally founded as a balancing scale. It was the fond hope of our founding fathers that by infusing democracy and republicanism we would be able to stop either side from gaining the upper hand. Always maintaining an equilibrium of fair compromise. Partisanship and entrenched unelected bureaucrats has seen this undone. We are constantly pulled between the tyranny of the majority and the minority. The rule of the masses, majority, and the rule of the elite, the minority ebbs and flows in all the wrong ways. Pure Democracy was something deeply feared as mob rule by the founders. However, there are certain elements of direct democracy that would be very useful in dealing with our nation’s philanthropy. If the money used is the tax payer’s money, then let the American tax payer vote directly on giving money to those philanthropic ventures they actually believe in. Let the issue be place before us. Let us vote yay or nay on the venture and those who vote yay donate and those who vote nay keep their tax dollars for something they wish to patronize. That is by far the fairest and most open way to decide what we as a nation truly wish to invest in and what we believe in. Far better than any committee who by a simple majority wastes what isn’t theirs so easily for something that doesn’t affect them

                There is no perfect answer, no absolute compromise or consequence free decision. That being said too often in governments, in nations across the globe, decisions are being made without the true consent of the people. Interest groups, celebrities and individuals convince simple majorities to squander money and resources on pointless things the people they represent don’t get a say in. While absolute democracy would only lead to chaos, absolute choice would lead to empowerment. As we emerge from our quarantine cages in the following months, we should ask ourselves if we fund so much, which should accomplish endless good, across the globe. Then why isn’t it so? Because throwing billions of dollars act endless goodwill has seem to have bought us very little and in the end strife, disease and panic always seem to find us anyway.

The majority is never right. Never, I tell you! That’s one of these lies in society that no free and intelligent man can help rebelling against. Who are the people that make up the biggest proportion of the population — the intelligent ones or the fools? I think we can agree it’s the fools, no matter where you go in this world, it’s the fools that form the overwhelming majority.

– Henrik Ibsen

Photo by J. Santiago Photography

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